Pathworks success story

A glimpse of an innovative business model that leveraged tech expertise of eCommerce to drive a successful M&A initiative.

About the Client

Pathworks GmbH was founded in the year 2000 by a very talented team of Entrepreneurs led from the front by Marc Lehman. Their business objective was focused on selling computers online. They were born during the dotcom boom and doom phase of the internet. They were industry pioneers and perfected their business model, and started selling primarily to students from Switzerland Universities.

To take the business to the next level, they pivoted to tie up with large Computer retailers such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, and others. They utilized the drop-shipping model to further optimize and streamline the business. They knew that intelligent procurement is the future. And they decided to overhaul existing systems in order to usher in a new era of growth and competitive edge.

The Challenge

Pathworks is an intelligent procurement platform and needed to integrate with third party systems. They had a front-end website and needed to develop more customer specific micro-websites. All the orders from these stores were required to be fulfilled into a single order management and processing system. Automation for getting product information, pricing and inventory from distributions in real time was very important. Also e-invoicing integration was much needed.

Major Technical Challenges

Third-party Integration:

Integration with other systems can take time. Also sometimes the integrations also stop working due to different nature of data being imported. Also difficult to coordinate and get support from Post Finance, Tech data as they are vert busy.

Employee Attrition:

Some team members departed in between the project. It did not make a huge difference but it can lead to delays

Project Management

They did not use Odoo Project Management tool to manage the project. A lot of things were done on Excel sheets.

Lack of Odoo Knowledge

Pathwoirks team lacked functional and technical knowledge to implement Odoo Enterprise

The Missing Magento and Cloud Knowledge

Pathworks team was unable to work on other supporting technologies such as Magento and Amazon Cloud.

What we did

  • Magento Platform Integration with Odoo ERP
  • Seamless integration with Australia Post for logistics
  • Unified inventory management between online and store sales
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Improved Conversions on Webstore

The giant leap of technology

Pathworks was already using MS Navison ERP, but its obsolete architecture meant that the company wasn’t able to extract the expected level of value from it. Modernization of legacy applications was the need of the hour for the company to maintain its competitive advantage. And this business need led them to tie up with Pragmatic – the leading tech company with core competencies in enterprise Odoo solutions.

Odoo ERP was the ideal selection of future-ready ERP for the company due to its flexible architecture and ability to be tailored as per distinct business needs. Pragmatic configured, implemented, and customized a brand new and efficient Odoo ERP for the business in 2015.

The new system allowed Pathworks to manage product information and inventory, manage orders and shipping, email marketing, and sending promotions. During this implementation, we did the following major tasks.

The Solution

Swiss post e invoicing integration

Integration with Ingram Micro, ALSO, TechData

Integration with COP Product information Management System

Multi-Web-store integration

Apple Product Inventory Sync

Developed new eCommerce Websites

Result and Outcomes

This collaboration led to incredible outcomes for the company at various levels. It was able to amplify its productivity and cost-efficiency, which put the company firmly on the path to scale to the next level of growth. Once the new system was in place, it led to the elimination of manual work and resulted in a highly reliable and scalable system, thus leading to huge savings for Pathworks. The company was able to hit the annual revenue mark of 14.7 million francs by 2018. It increased its customer base and also order quantities with the new ERP procurement tool.


Increase in operational efficiency


Decrease in inventory overstocking


Increase in on-time customer delivery

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