Lark Store Case Story

Pragmatic Helped Lark Ecommerce Store Succeed by Driving 3x Increases in Revenues & Ultimately Acquistion

About the Client

A decade ago, Paul Matthews and Allison Jones moved from the UK to Australia (Daylesford, Victoria). Given the low employment opportunities in Daylesford, they had to do something different if they wanted to earn a sustainable living. Hence, they decided to launch an online store that would s ell small household items such as kitchen utensils, tableware, and decorative objects.

The Challenge

Paul and Allison’s first attempt to launch their ecommerce business involved Australian based freelance developers who created their ecommerce website using Magento platform. However, this experience was not good. They needed a trustworthy ecommerce company that could provide a comprehensive solution to their problems.

Some vital requirements from the client were:
  • Improving the existing ecommerce platform to drive engagement and orders.
  • Fresh mobile interface that is fully compatible with smartphones and ready for mobile-first world.
  • Setup inventory management process to manage orders and avoid increase in late dispatch rate.
  • Integrate logistics solution with the website to manage order deliveries and bring down shipping cost.
  • Implement a successful brick and mortar store operations using Point of Sale software.

What we did

  • Magento Platform Integration with Odoo ERP
  • Seamless integration with Australia Post for logistics
  • Unified inventory management between online and store sales
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Improved Conversions on Webstore


The client engaged with Pragmatic to address their challenges and build the most functional solution for their ecommerce website.

Inventory management with Odoo ERP integration

The first step was connecting the Magento platform to Odoo ERP to effectively manage the inventory and run smooth backend operations. Our goal was to ensure the current order fulfilment process managed efficiently. Also to ensure gradual increase in orders is not leading into late deliveries.

Improve ecommerce website to drive higher conversions

For Lark, the biggest challenge is keeping their ecommerce site running properly and offering a good user experience for their customers. Our team completed a comprehensive review of their design and functionality to find out potential issues and opportunity areas to improve the website experience and drive more conversions in a mobile first world. We made substantial UI/UX changes to the different sections of the website pages – Homepage, Category, Product, Shopping Cart and Checkout. This resulted in better engagement, more sales and more revenue.

Ecommerce website + freight management tool integration

Our team created a custom integration that connects with eParcel to automate sending of multiple packages every day to ensure smooth order deliveries. eParcel is an online freight management tool that helps track deliveries and sends out delivery notifications – making the shipping process more efficient and transparent. Lark’s ecommerce website has undergone a massive overhaul, helping them become more robust – both from a front-end perspective and from a backend. This has allowed them to grow quickly and focus on their core business, without getting dist

Point of Sale software integration for Lark’s brick and mortar store

After the acquisition, Lark’s team decided to open two brick and mortar store in Ballarat, Australia. Here, customers could touch and feel the product before they buy it. Our team helped them set up a retail Point of Sale solution to drive additional sales from these stores.


Paul and Allison’s first tryst with Australian technology developers and freelancers wasn’t very fruitful. This is why they brought on-board the diverse skill set and industry experience of Pragmatic, which connected their existing Magento platform to Odoo ERP. Some of the key deliveries made by Pragmatic include –

  • Improving the existing e-commerce platform
  • Enabling a successful brick and mortar store operations using Point of Sale
  • Developing a responsive mobile interface for the e-commerce site

Result and Outcomes

After overhauling the way Lark was run, their ecommerce business has been profitable month over
month in just a couple of years.


Improvement in Website Conversion Rate


Increase in Order Dispatch


Increase in Multi-channel Sales


Increase in revenues

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