5 Steps To Streamline Order Fulfilment From Your Online Store To Your Customer’s Door

Most eCommerce businesses aspire to become the next Amazon, but struggle as the back end logistic challenges never seem to end. 

If only, you could fix this one part, the business is likely to soar and start to double the revenue and profit numbers as you had originally aspired for.

The 5 Steps to achieve this in a focused manner are as follows:

  1. Leverage Technology to enable End-to-End Order Visibility  : This includes receipt of the online order, processing it in your back-office system (example: an ERP), notify customer that order has been received, send request for fulfilment to the warehouse, Order is picked, packed and shipped. Shipping notification sent to the customer and the order is delivered.
  2. Demand Seamless Integration : Your system and your supplier’s systems must be integrated seamlessly through an strong Order Management System.
  3. Choose the Right Shipper : If your shipper is less than stellar and/or underperforms on a regular basis, your customers will take out their frustrations on you — on your company’s reputation. Not the shipper’s. o invest time and energy in auditing and qualifying new and better shippers.
  4. Enable Exception Based Order Management : This basically means that you must enable your Order management system to handle exceptions and automatically reroute to upgraded shipping methods to enable original delivery promises. This helps to save time in decision making and protects your reputation as a company. 
  5. Accept Returns and Refund Like a Champ : Breathe. Returns happen. Refunds are due. It’s part of every e-commerce business, but not every business has a good attitude about it. Be the exception. Stay cool.

Finally, make all attempts to say goodbye to the dreaded “typically ships in 2 to 4 weeks” message! A great backend ERP or Order Management system goes a long way in building you that peace of mind, you deserve!

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